Krys Bryniak

Krys Bryniak

Realtor® | Sales Agent

Hello. I’m Krys (Chris)!

I love this state and I will be privileged to provide you with the options that are available for you here. I have lived in Arizona for the past 10 years and appreciate all the beautiful areas this state has to offer. I have a strong background in education as well as insurance and I will guide you through any real estate transaction. Also, as you have probably guessed by the name, I am also Polish. Moge mówić po Polsku!

Daily Networking Time

I am concurrently pursuing a PhD in Organization Psychology and I am eager to bring the human factor back into real estate. I have an enthusiasm and passion to provide both sellers and buyers with any real estate knowledge that they seek. I chose to be a part of this team because they are revolutionary in their approach. Technology, Marketing and Real Estate are ever changing.

We seek to evolve the real-estate industry by proving our clients with the technology that will capture the public’s attention. We are in a virtual revolution within real estate and I am so excited to be a part of it! Call me today for your personal consult and let’s discuss your immediate and long term Real Estate plan.

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