Giacomo Garbareno

Giacomo Garbareno

Web-development | Marketing Expert

I have lived in Arizona for over 30 years. I know all the hidden gems that this great state has to offer. Real estate has been a passion of mine. Plus growing up under the influence of a builder and a real estate investor was a big help. Thanks fam!

Writing code

I have had quite a diverse background in real estate from working as a marketing executive in the commercial finance arena to developing software for the residential mortgage industry. The real estate industry has truly been a great passion and journey. I enjoy the craft of a well marketed and executed plan.

My real specialty lies in developing web systems and marketing brands. Therefore, I decided to get into Residential sales. I wanted a challenge that would test my skills. Joining the AZ Home One Team has been the perfect fit. My part on the team is to leverage my other companies and skills to generate efficient groundbreaking ways to list houses and to attract buyers. This is done by web development, social engineering and a little magic.

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